Ven Face Smart Tok

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Ven Face Smart Tok



Sweeten your daily life with the Ven Phone Grip!






The Ven Phone Grip attaches to the back of your phone

and offers a secure grip.





It also functions as a horizontal phone stand – simply pop the grip

and stand it on a table!






Pink and Ven will fill you with love every time you look at your phone.

It makes for a perfect gift for your significant other or best friend.




[How to apply the Ven Phone Grip]

  1. Remove any dust and lint that may be present on the phone before applying the Phone Grip.

  2. Remove the transparent adhesive sticker on the back of the Phone Grip. 

  3. Place the Phone Grip gently on your desired location. Press down firmly to apply the adhesive.

  4. Remove the transparent protective film on Pink’s face to finish the application.














The Pink Phone Grip is just under an inch tall (2.5cm)

and is built on a transparent body,

making it perfect for any phone case.







It comes in a special Pink and Ven exclusive packaging,

making it perfect for gifts.







Brand                                   Pink&Ven

Product name                    Ven Face Smart Tok

Country of Origin              Korea

Manufacturer                     STUDIO ORIGIN

Material                               PU, TPU, ACRYLIC

Size                                      60.5 X 52 mm

Weight                                 21 g



Important Details


1. Actual product color may vary from the images shown depending on your display settings.

2. We only accept returns and exchanges if the product has been unopened and the blue seal on the Phone Grip is still present.

3. The adhesive will lose its ability to stick after its initial application.

4. As adorable as Pink is, please do not squeeze the Phone Grip too tightly. Excessive force may damage the product or cause the adhesive to peel.

5. Although the Phone Grip was designed to prevent accidental drops, we are not responsible for any damages to the Phone Grip or the device it was attached to.

6. The Phone Grip adhesive’s performance may vary depending on the surface it is applied on.

7. For best adhesion, please use the Phone Grip with a separate phone case that’s been verified to be compatible with Phone Grips.

8. Do not use paint thinners or solvents like Acetone when cleaning the Phone Grip.

9. If exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period of time, the adhesive may melt and cause peels.

10. Only use the Phone Grip for its intended purpose. Do not eat or swallow the Phone Grip.



Ven Face Smart Tok

9.50 USD
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Out of Stock
Quantity   0
Total price 0 USD
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